• Divine World.in – Awarness of spiritual teachings

Blessings of Maa Sharda encourages Acharya Anil and Shastri Sachin to promote divineworld.in as a platform to serve man kind by providing acceptable and practical solutions to get rid-off all human problems facing in day to day life .      


 As per saint kabir


             ”  कबीर कुआ एक है , पानी भरें अनेक          

                         बर्तन में भेद है , पानी सबका एक   “


( which  means God is one and objective of all  religions is the same )



The Objectives of DivineWorld.in is :


    Provides ample opportunities to all those who are interested

    to share their knowledge , teachings and events for the

    up-liftment of individuals and groups.


    Serve as a  common platform to create wider awareness of

    spiritual teachings of different religions of the World.  


    Provide trusted and recommended religious product for 

    sukh , samriddhi and happiness.